Another Book Recommendation

Mark Wolynn presented the themes of his book on a video chat on the 5th of May. The title of his book is It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle was absolutely fascinating and could be life-changing for so may people. People who don’t even know that if their parents or grandparents experienced a trauma, it more than likely altered their genes, and it was passed down to them. The author talked about about his own experience with 3 of his grandparents losing their mothers at a very young age. His mother (and later he and his sister) were distraught whenever their mothers would leave the house. When the mother left, each of them would find their mothers clothes or scarves and smell them hoping to get a whiff of their mother’s scent. He could never explain why he needed to do this until he learned of this concept of inherited family trauma.

The really fascinating part is the idea of an ancestral alarm clock. He gave examples of people who have had trauma occur at a certain age or timeframe or milestone in the past. Family members then repeat the exact trauma at the same time. An example he gave was if your parents divorced when you were 8 years old, when your child is 8 years old it could trigger you and you would start to pull away and just think you’re losing affection/interest when really it could be tied back to your family trauma…

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